Alexander Gilbert Haldane Robertson of Struan, 23rd Chief of Clan Donnachaidh

Alexander Gilbert Haldane Robertson of Struan was born in 1938. He was the youngest of four children, and only son, of Langton George Duncan Haldane Robertson of Struan and his wife, Laurie. He succeeded his father as chief of Clan Donnachaidh in 1983.

Struan and his family are members of, and actively support, the Clan Donnachaidh Society. The annual general meeting of the Society and the associated weekend of social activities organized by the Society in clan country each year provide a regular...

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The Clan Donnachaidh Society is not limited to Scotland, it is Worldwide.

Many people work tirelessly to organise a Branch of the Clan Donnachaidh Society in their Country. At the moment, these Branches cover 4 Continents. We have family all over the World. Why not join a Branch near you?



South Africa has a Clan Representative.



Australia and New Zealand have Branches.


Scotland, England and Spain in Europe.


North America

Both Canada and the U.S.A. have Branches.

Names associated with Clan Donnachaidh

Collier - Colyear - Connochie - Conochie - Cunnison - Dobbie - Dobbin - Dobie - Dobieson - Dobinson - Dobson - Donachie - Donachy - Duncan - Duncanson - Dunnachie - Hobson - Inches - Kynoch - MacConachie - MacConchie - MacConechy - MacConich - MacConnochie - MacCullich - MacDonachie - MacGlashan - MacInroy - MacIver - MacIvor - MacJames - MacLagan - MacOnachie - MacRobbie - MacRobert - MacRoberts - MacRobie - MacWilliam - Read - Reed - Reid - Robbie - Roberts - Robertson - Robinson - Robison - Robson - Roy - Stark - Tonnochy

Clan Donnachaidh DNA Project

The Donnachaidh DNA Project is all about family……. family history and genealogical research, the corresponding and sharing of information, and the joy of sharing our common family bonds.


determine which ancestral lines are related

help participants to confirm family trees

help participants to obtain clues to help in research

discover more about the adoption of surnames in clan history

determine the number of points of origin of clan surnames

We also encourage and appreciate you spreading the word about the DNA Project to other men and woman of our clan surnames that you may know or encounter.

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