Clan Donnachaidh Society AGM and Gathering 2017

Events are being organized and detailed information and a booking form will be published as soon as possible.

Sunday 6 Aug

Get-together for early arrivals

Monday 7 Aug

Excursion for early arrivals.

Cost: transport and admissions.

Tuesday 8 Aug

Excursion for early arrivals

Cost: transport and admissions.

Wednesday 9 Aug

Morning: DNA Q&As with Tim and Stephanie

Afternoon: Dancing lesson for the Ceilidh after the dinner on Friday

Early evening: Gathering reception

Thursday 10 Aug

Meetings and AGM

Friday 11 Aug

Tour of clan country with Donald Reid

Second excursion

Cost: transport and possibly admission.

Dinner (evening), followed by Ceilidh

Saturday 12 Aug

Edinburgh Tattoo – 7.30 p.m.

Hired coach to Edinburgh in the afternoon and return to Pitlochry after the event.

Cost: coach (depending on numbers) plus admission to Tattoo.

Tattoo tickets must be booked before 31 March.

Sunday 13 August

Kirk service