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t all began with a casual observation about how many tunes are dedicated to someone with the name Robertson. And the further we looked, the more we discovered until we realised that we had enough material for an entire CD!

So here it is. A tribute or a celebration or a voyage of discovery. Whatever you call it, join Ian Robertson (fiddle) & Muriel Johnstone (piano) for a programme of music from four centuries where the common thread is that everything was written for a Robertson or by a Robertson. Music from the great names of the Golden Age of Scottish fiddle music rubs shoulders with 20th century classics as well as newly composed tunes from Ian and Muriel. From passionate slow airs to the brightest of reels by way of marches and waltzes, jigs and strathspeys there is something here for listeners and dancers alike.

Recorded at Scotscores Studio, Pitlochry

Recording, editing & mastering by Muriel Johnstone & Bill Zobel

Produced by Ian Robertson & Muriel Johnstone

Design by Creative Production Workshop Ltd

Photography by Sheena Sabharwal, Tracy Newland and Kerry McDevitt

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1. 6/8 Marches
2. Set of Reels (4x32R)
3. Salute to Ian Robertson (3x32S)
4. When Reality Dawns
5. Set of Jigs (8x32J)
6. Set of Reels (8x32R)
7. Slow Air & Slip Jig
8. Set of Strathspeys (8x325)
9. Pipe Medley
10. Life, Love and Loss
11. Set of Jigs (5x32J)
12. Waltzes
13. Set of Strathspeys (4x325)
14. Set of Reels (5x32R)
15. Mathilde is a Delight (3x32S)
16. Pipe jigs (6x32J)
17. Set of Reels (8x32R)
18. Waltzes

The CD is available for sale via the Clan Centre for the cost of £12 plus P&P. Please email Admin at to purchase your copy.

Samples from the CD.