News - New Vice Chairman Announced


onald Reid has asked to step down as Vice Chair of the Society, a position in which over the years he has served twice with much distinction. This is to enable him to focus on a new project currently under active discussion among a wide circle of Government, cultural and other entities in Scotland. The project if it comes to fruition could significantly raise the profile of our Clan Museum in Bruar both nationally and internationally.

Given this opportunity, and considering Donald’s other continuing work for the Clan including his roles as Curator of the museum and as Chair of the London and Southern Counties branch and his readiness to continue to serve on Council, his resignation has been accepted, and his successor, Iain Reid, chosen unanimously by Council, has taken over the position of Vice Chair in Donald’s place.

I hope all members will join me in warmly welcoming Iain, who has already made a strong contribution to Council’s deliberations, to his new role. With two younger and extremely enthusiastic new Vice Chairs, Jonn Duncan and now Iain Reid, in place, and with our two recent recruits from Clan country, David Duncan and Eddie Stewart, both being successful professionals and also able to give much needed local support to our Clan Secretary, your Council feels well equipped to take the Society forward to grow and flourish.