Change of International Vice Chair

The contents for the International Vice Chair (I.V.C.) page will be repopulated in the near future following the recent change of I.V.C.

Warmest greetings to all our members!

As already intimated by her to all Clan branches over the past year, our IVC, Christy Duncan Lange, will complete her 9th year as a Council member this year. The Clan Council has recognised that as a registered Charity the Society must act in accordance with our Articles of Association in terms of maximum permitted periods of unbroken service of Trustees. This means that ā€” along with our ex-Chairman Duncan Huie and two other long-serving and greatly appreciated Council members, Stephanie Robertson and Tim Duncan ā€” Christy will be retiring from Council. Happily for us, another very active and enthusiastic Council member, Jonn Duncan, currently President of the Gulf Coast branch in U.S.A., has accepted an invitation to take over the very important IVC role. No doubt Jonn will make his own mark. Tim and Stephanie will certainly continue their remarkable DNA project work even if not on the Council. Duncan and Christy too will Iā€™m sure always continue to support Clan activities as and when they can.

I am also delighted to announce that in view of Christy's long, devoted and remarkable service to the Society, Council has invited her to accept the title of Honorary Vice President, and she has accepted. As with others who hold or have held this title, such as our late friend Bill Robertson who also served with great distinction as our IVC, it is a purely honorary position bearing no responsibilities or authority, but it represents a very public and permanent recognition of exceptional service to the Society.

As always, members will be asked at the forthcoming AGM to give formal approval to Council's decisions in respect of changes and appointments of officers in accordance with our Articles.

I am sure that all branch leaders and all members will wish not only to thank Christy in suitable terms for everything which she has achieved over the years, but also to support both Christy herself and Jonn in ensuring a smooth handover of duties.