News - Struan Kirk, Glad News

Some members will already have heard this, but we wish to inform the entire membership that the purchase of Struan Kirk from the Church of Scotland by the newly formed Struan Kirk Trust was completed on Tuesday August 14th 2018. The news was greeted with acclamation by the Clan Society's Council at its meeting the same day, and later by the many members attending this year's special Gathering.

As Chairman both of the Society's Council and of the Board of the new Trust, I am delighted to ask our webmaster Brian to post this happy news on the Clan Donnachaidh website. I'm also very happy to be able to report that the very first events to be held at the Kirk, only days after the acquisition was finalised, were the Society's annual Service of worship and remembrance, and a renewal of marriage vows by two of our overseas members. The Kirk was packed literally to overflowing for the annual Service, conducted by the Reverend Jim Reid and led by our Chief Struan and his family.

As I'm sure we all know, the Clan Society is only one of the group of Clan Donnachaidh families which provided the funding for the purchase.

The Society funded a little over a quarter of the total initial funding to cover the purchase plus professional fees plus estimated urgent pending repair costs, but will also, so long as it can do so, be expected to provide its share of maintenance costs in perpetuity. Ideally this should be pre-funded, but realistically we are still and will probably well into the future be seeking more funds from time to time.

The Society has an entirely separate bank account for this purpose. It will remain separate and will be visible in our formal annual Accounts registered with OSCR the Scottish charities' regulatory authority.

Any and all Branch and/or individual funding will be extremely welcome, and should please go to this account, and NOT direct to the new Trust. Funds should be transferred to Clan Donnachaidh Society using PayPal if possible and it is essential that the transfer be clearly identified as "For Struan Kirk." If possible, separate advice of the transfer should be advised to the Clan Secretary at the time of transfer.

Clan Society Council Chairman