News - Resignation of Clan Secretary


our Council greatly regrets to have to inform members of the resignation, for personal reasons, of our Clan Secretary for the past three years, Catriona Macaulay

Council has expressed to Catriona the thanks of the Society and its members for her service, and our good wishes for the future. Those of us who have been able to visit Clan Country and in particular to attend the Clan Gathering in recent years will have many memories of the powerful mark she left on many such happy occasions.

The current uniquely difficult pandemic circumstances are of course affecting Clan country as well as the rest of the world. Until this changes significantly, and we can move on to a point where life and work begin to return to more normal patterns and with greater freedom of movement, we will therefore not be taking immediate replacement action. We will be giving careful consideration to the best way for the Clan Centre to be staffed and the level of staffing required in both the short and longer term. In the meantime, the tasks carried out until now by Catriona, whose employment has always been part-time, will be shared out among members of your Council.

Your patience and understanding if replies to any messages or inquiries addressed to the clan centre take longer than usual to will be greatly appreciated.

IMPORTANT: members sending email messages to the Clan Centre should please NOT address them to the usual Secretary email address, but instead until further notice send them to with copies to and/or and/or