Worldwide Branches - Australia

Clan Donnachaidh Society New South Wales, Inc.

Ray Robertson, President

George Robertson-Dryden, Vice-President

Richard Harvey, Secretary/Treasurer/Public Officer

Phone: 0422 109 262 |

George Robertson, Committee members

John Coombs, Clan piper

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Clan Donnachaidh Society of Queensland, Australia

Mrs Del R.Paten

P.O. Box 763, The Gap, Queensland 4061, Australia

Phone: (07) 3300 1031 |


Clan Donnachaidh of Victoria, Australia

This branch is currently closed. Enquiries to or


Clan Donnachaidh Society of Western Australia, Inc.

Shirley Robertson Oliver, President

419 Riverton Drive East, Shelley, Western Australia 6155

Phone: (08) 9457 1945 |

John Rickie, Council Member & Auditor

4/22 Ainsworth Loop, Booragoon, Western Australia 6154

Phone: (08) 9330 1812 |

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