News - Grand Tours of Scotland's Rivers

During the summer of 2021, Struan Kirk Trustees were approached by Tern TV seeking permission to film part of an upcoming BBC TV series - ''Grand Tours of Scotland's Rivers' - in and around Struan Kirk. As the Kirk lies at the heart of Clan Donnachaidh's ancestral lands and history and its restoration and maintenance has and continues to be supported by so many of our members, we thought you may wish to take note of the series and log on to view, if you can.

We understand the programme may also include references to Alexander the Clan's famous thirteenth Chief (The "Poet Chief" ) and his role in 17th/18th century Jacobite and Clan history as well as the Clan's and its Chiefs' historical links to Struan.

The series will begin on Wednesday 10 November at 7.30 pm on BBC 1. Information below.

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